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German TV discovers indie publishing

I’m currently in Halle on Saale (for what I’m doing there, see here) and just saw a news report about the opening of the Leipzig bookfair (which is currently taking place barely thirty kilometers from where I am and yet … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora and German Perspectives on Indie Publishing

First of all, I was interviewed by fellow writer Michelle Muckley at her blog, so come on over and say hello. What is more, the joint German/Austrian/Swiss cultural TV programme Kulturzeit ran a report about indie publishing from a German … Continue reading

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Indie publishing, Politics and the Future of the Novel

Kristine Kathryn Rusch offers a brilliant take on Ewan Morrison’s screed that there will be no more professional writers in the future. I already skewered that particular missive by Mr Morrison here. If Morrison keeps this up, he’ll need his … Continue reading

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Sue Grafton, Ewan Morrison and the latest indie publishing uproars

Mystery author Sue Grafton caused a minor uproar in indie publishing land, when she called self-publishing “the lazy option” in an interview with the Louisville Gazette, her hometown paper. The original interview is here and here is the relevant quote: … Continue reading

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More publishing doom and gloom, another bestseller and July sales figures

Ewan Morrison, self-proclaimed doomsayer of the imminent death of literature, publishing and Western culture as we know it, is at it again and informs us at the Guardian that social media does not sell books (he does have a point … Continue reading

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April e-book sales figures and a signal boost

Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog has been hacked and infected with malware mere hours after she posted the latest installment in her Business Rusch series on royalty statements and problematic accounting practices in the publishing industry. A second, unconnected blog where … Continue reading

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March 2012 e-book sales figures and a couple of neat links

First of all, I’ve been interviewed by writer Jess C. Scott at her site. What is more, a new month has begun, which means that it’s time for the monthly sales figures. In March, e-book sales picked up a little … Continue reading

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The latest indie publishing sensation and German responses to Amazon’s publishing ventures

The Telegraph reports about the newest self-publishing phenomenon, British writer Kerry Wilkinson who sold more than 250 000 books in less than a year, which made him the bestselling Kindle author in the UK. Of course, mega-bestselling indie writers are … Continue reading

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The Book is Dying… Again – Doom and Gloom at the Guardian

Ewan Morrison, who proclaimed the death of the book as we know it six months ago, is back at the Guardian. Since the book steadfastly refuses to die, Morrison is now declaring electronic self-publishing a bubble that will burst any … Continue reading

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Why pay good money for something you can do yourself?

Today’s big news is that Penguin, one of the so-called “big six” publishers, is launching a self-publishing service called Book Country, which offers authors such services as formatting, conversion, cover design, upload, etc… for the low fee of between 99 … Continue reading

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