New Collection Available: “Tales of the Silencer: The Complete Series” and some other stuff

Before we get to the new release, I first have some other news to share.

One of the positive side effects of being a Hugo finalist is that you get some media attention. And so both local papers interviewed me about my Hugo nomination. Here is an article by Dierck Wittenberg in the Kreiszeitung.

Alexandra Penth of the other local paper Weser-Kurier also interviewed me about my Hugo nomination as well. You can read the interview here, but unless you’re a Weser-Kurier subscriber it’s behind a paywall. However, you can also access the interview via the Google cache of the article or via this version of the page.

2021 Hugo Voter Packet by Cora BuhlertIn other news, voting for the 2021 Hugo Awards is now open. The Hugo voter packet is not yet available. However, even if you’re not a member of DisCon III, you can now download my contributions to the Hugo Voter Packet for free in the format of your choice at StoryOrigin.

The beautiful cover is courtesy of the hypertalented Tithi Luadthong. Not only does it strike the balance between retro and modern, there also is a rocket in the image.

If you enjoy fiction podcasts and audio fiction, the Simultaneous Times podcast produced by my friends of Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore in Joshua Tree, California, recently adapted by story “Little Monsters” as well as “Hidden Underneath” by Toshiya Kamei.

“Little Monsters” story is narrated by Jean-Paul Garnier with wonderfully atmospheric music by RedBlueBlackSilver. I always love hearing audio productions of my stories, because even though I know the story – I wrote it, after all – the interpretation always brings completely new aspects to the tale.

Anyway, give it a listen and also make sure to listen to Toshiya Kamei’s excellent story “Hidden Underneath” as well. You can listen on podomatic.

And now, last but not least, let’s get to the new release, which isn’t actually all that new, since it’s a collection of previously published stories. But if you’ve always wanted to give my Silencer series of retro pulp thrillers a try, but didn’t want to buy the individual stories, you’re in luck, because the entire Silencer series is now available in one handy collection.

Tales of the Silencer: The Complete Series
Tales of the Silencer by Cora BuhlertHardworking pulp writer by day and steel-masked crimefighter by night, the Silencer fights criminal low-lives and larger-than-life master villains in the streets of Depression era New York City. Together with his beautiful fiancée Constance Allen and pickpocket turned butler Neal Cassidy, Richard Blakemore a.k.a. the Silencer keeps the city safe from those criminals the law cannot catch.

This series of high octane adventure stories by two-time Hugo finalist Cora Buhlert is an homage to the heroic pulp crimefighters of the 1930s such as the Shadow, the Spider and Doc Savage as well as the writers who brought them to life.

This complete omnibus edition of 112000 words or approximately 375 print pages collects the entire Silencer series.

Contains the following stories:

  • Countdown to Death
  • Flying Bombs
  • The Spiked Death
  • Elevator of Doom
  • The Great Fraud
  • Mean Streets and Dead Alleys
  • Fact or Fiction
  • St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen
  • The Milk Truck Gang
  • A Valentine for the Silencer
  • The Heavy Hand of the Editor

List price: 4.99 USD, EUR or GBP
Buy it at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Netherlands, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon Brazil, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Mexico, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Scribd, Smashwords, Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel,, DriveThruFiction, Casa del Libro, Vivlio and XinXii.

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