A Quartet of Holiday Bestsellers

I never really experienced the legendary post-Christmas e-book sales surge, when all those new e-reader owners switch on their new Kindles or Kobos or Nooks or Tolinos for the first time and go buy crazy. I experienced a mini-version of that surge back in 2011, when selling three books a day was a miracle and selling 17 in a single month was a massive success.

But since then nothing. In 2012 and 2013, my sales stayed steady over the holiday period, but they didn’t explode. Meanwhile, the past three years my strongest month has always been September for some reason. So I thought that maybe I’m just not the sort of writer to experience a Chrostmas surge.

However, yesterday I experienced a Boxing Day surge, and that was largely due to a brand-new book that was released only yesterday and that I haven’t even officially announced yet. It’s a lesbian holiday romance called Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café and it’s literally so new that it doesn’t even have its own book page here at Pegasus Pulp, which is why I have to direct you to the incomplete book page over at the Cora Buhlert site.

And though it’s been out for barely a day now, this little lesbian holiday romance has already hit Amazon subcategory bestseller lists in two countries:

Here is Amazon.com:

And here is Amazon UK:

It seems to be the season for lesbian romance, for Outlaw Love, my lesbian western, has hit a category bestseller list at Amazon Brazil:

Finally, Under the Knout has hit some category bestseller lists at Amazon France:

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