New Silencer story available: Elevator of Doom

Yes, it’s another new release announcement, but I promise that this is the last one for 2013.

Besides, this announcement marks the return of the Silencer, my 1930s style masked pulp avenger. After narrowly escaping the electric chair in Countdown to Death, thwarting a terrorist intent on blowing up Zeppelins in Flying Bombs and saving his fiancée Constance from the clutches of the villainous Baron Tormento in The Spiked Death, the Silencer returns in Elevator of Doom. This time around, Richard Blakemore a.k.a. the Silencer captures a burglar, gets into a fight to the death in a falling elevator and saves a kitten.

Elevator of Doom
Elevator of Doom New York City, 1936: The Radcliffe, a luxury apartment building on Central Park West, is terrorised by a string of burglaries. The police suspect an insider, but there is no hard evidence, because the burglar comes and goes like a ghost.
At first glance, it seems like a simple enough job for Richard Blakemore, the masked crimefighter known only as the Silencer. Stake out the Radcliffe, nab the burglar and be back in time for dinner with Constance, his beautiful fiancée.
But even small-time criminals can fight back. And such a fight can quickly get out of hand, once Richard steps into the elevator of doom…

For more information, visit the Elevator of Doom page.

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You can also get all the Silencer adventures to date in one handy bundle over at DriveThruFiction for only 6.00 USD.

For more story bundles, check out the Story Bundle page right here on this site.

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