Bundle up with Speculative Fiction Bundles at DriveThruFiction

One thing I like about DriveThruFiction, a small speculative fiction and RPG focussed e-book retailer, is the ability to create bundles of several e-books at a reduced price.

I currently have two bundles available at DriveThruFiction, the Arr, Matey! Pirate Bundle and the Tales of the Silencer Pulp Bundle (both of which have spiffy new covers), and I have also taken part in multi-publisher bundles.

So if you’ve been wanting to try my SF, Mercy Mission and The Hybrids are both currently available as part of the Snowbound Reading Science Fiction and Horror Collection together with two zombie tales by Stephen Drivick, space opera by Chris Reher (highly recommended) and Vincent Trigilli and two SF shorts by V.A. Jeffrey. And best of all, you can get e-books worth 15.95 USD for only 6.48 USD.

And just in case you’re in the mood for more indie speculative fiction, there is also the Holiday Frosty Fantasy Pack, featuring fiction by John Blackport, Scott Marlowe, MeiLin Miranda, Mackenzie Morgan and S.P. van der Lee, currently available for only 5.95 USD.

And if you want even more, try the Winter Break Fantasy Pack and the Winter Break Sci-Fi and Horror Pack, both of which are currently free.

All four bundles are only available throughout the month of December.

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