A Note to Our Australian Readers

Yesterday, Amazon opened a Kindle store in Australia. This is good news for Australian readers and for Australian writers like Andrea K. Höst, Patty Jansen, C.J. Archer and David Adams, who can now get paid via EFT rather than the increasingly old-fashioned paper cheques.

However, Amazon requires a minimum price of 3.99 AUD in order to pay 70% royalties. By comparison, the respective minimum price in other territories is 2.99 USD, 2.99 CAD or 2.86 EUR.

Now the Australian dollar is relatively close in value to the US and Canadian dollars, so up to now I always priced my novelettes at 2.99 AUD. However, due to Amazon‘s royalty and price-matching policies, I am forced to raise the prices for all novelettes to 3.99 AUD across the board or risk losing my 70% royalty and violating Amazon‘s Terms of Service. This does not just include Amazon Australia, but also Kobo as well as Australian Kobo affiliates Angus & Robertson, Bookworld and Collins Booksellers.

I am sorry about this price hike, but unfortunately it is outside my control. Perhaps Australian readers will be able to purchase Pegasus Pulp e-books for a better price at one of the many other fine retailers offering our e-books.

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