Seraglio hits an bestseller list

Seraglio has been my bestselling title for a while now, though unlike many others, it has never hit a category bestseller list, at least not on The reason is that Seraglio was not in a small subcategory, but in the crowded “historical fiction” category, which until recently did not have subcategories, but lumped everything from prehistoric to WWII fiction into the same category.

However, finally introduced subcategories for the historical fiction category earlier this month. And so both Seraglio and Under the Knout are now in the “Middle Eastern” and “Russian” subcategories respectively.

Indie publishing guru David Gaughran, himself a writer of historical fiction, weighs in on the changes as well. If you want to know how to get into these subcategories, which you cannot select directly, KDP help has some keyword suggestions.

And since smaller sub-categories mean more visibility, Seraglio, long since my overall bestselling title, has now hit the bestseller list in the historical fiction –> Middle Eastern category.

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  1. Congrats! I need to try and tap some of those sub-categories soon. 🙂

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