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Because October is the month of Halloween, Julie from Bards and Sages Publishing has set up a cross publisher bundle of horror and dark fantasy fiction over at DriveThruFiction. The bundle includes Letters from the Dark Side as well as a bunch of other good books, anthologies and short stories from several small press and indie publishers. Best of all, you you get 51.85 USD worth of fiction for only 13.99 USD.

The bundle function at DriveThruFiction is pretty neat in general. And so you can also get all three Silencer novelettes as well as all of our pirate stories in bundle form for a reduced price at DriveThruFiction.

Finally, my cousin Magnus Buhlert has joined the ranks of indie publishers and published two books via the German assisted self-publishing service epubli. Liberale in der Bremischen Bürgerschaft (Liberals in the Bremen city parliament) is a history of the Liberal party FDP in the Bremen state and city parliament and probably more of niche interest. Abgefahren is a collection of short stories and annecdotes about adventures and misadventures while travelling by rail in Germany. There is also a YouTube video about Abgefahren, featuring an interview with and some excerpts read by the author.

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