New Post-Apocalyptic Novelette: The Hybrids

As hinted before, I have a story to announce. It’s another foray into science fiction, the genre that still owns my heart. However, instead of the next Shattered Empire story (coming later in 2013), this novelette tackles a different subgenre, namely post-apocalyptic SF.

And it’s not just post-apocalyptic SF, no, The Hybrids is actually a romance set approx. a year after the world-ending apocalypse. No zombies, either, for those who are bothered by such things.

So I present you: The Hybrids

The HybridsGordon Havers thought that he was the last man on Earth – after a virus killed off everybody else. So he lived on much as he had before the pandemic that wiped out humanity, eeking out a living as a trapper in the Canadian Rockies.
But one day, there is a knock on the door of Gordon’s log cabin. And when he opens the door, he finds an attractive young woman on his doorstep to his infinite surprise. So perhaps Gordon isn’t the last living human being after all? And maybe there is still a future for the human race.
There’s only one problem. Joanna Creed isn’t human…

For more information visit the dedicated The Hybrids page.

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