The Silencer series gets a facelift

I’ve always been very fond of my Silencer series in the style of the hero pulps of the 1930s. However, the novelettes never sold very well. But then, 1930s style pulp action is a niche genre and the readership may well not read e-books.

I tried to emulate the style of the pulp covers of the 1930s in my covers, but I was not as successful as I would have liked. And so I decided that it was time for the Silencer covers to get a facelift. They still look pulpy, indeed they look even more like 1930s pulps than before. Plus, they got gorgeous new digital artwork.

So here is the great reveal (since someone told me today that a big cover reveal was essential – okay, for new adult romance)

1. Countdown to Death

Countdown to Death cover

Digital art by PhilCold

2. Flying Bombs

Flying Bombs cover

Digital art by James Steidl

3. The Spiked Death

The Spiked Death cover

Artwork by Inga Dudkina

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