Celebrating our two year anniversary with a new SF series and a new release: Mercy Mission

July 3 is our two year anniversary, as already explained (with stats) in this post.

But the best way to celebrate is a new book, so I present you Mercy Mission, first in the Shattered Empire series.

What is the Shattered Empire series? Well, basically it’s the sort of SF I’ve always loved reading and watching, namely galaxy-spanning space opera about a brave ragtag band of rebels fighting to overthrow a galactic tyranny. The rebellion aspect was always a crucial element of both SF in general and space opera in particular for me to the point that it was part of my personal genre definition back when I was a teenager. And even today, I’m willing to forgive a lot of narrative flaws in any story which hits those narrative tropes.

Of course, galactic rebellion stories are not without problems. For starters, it becomes very difficult to read and/or write them once you’ve been around the block for a few years and know that real life revolutions and rebellions rarely turn out the way they’re supposed to and that very few of the people involved live happily ever after. I figured that out in 1991, when East German Neo Nazis torched an appartment block full of asylum seekers and foreign born contract workers in Hoyerswerda near Rostock and people stood around cheering (and Wikipedia calling it a riot is a total understatement, but then the German media and government have been trying to downplay the fact that Hoyerswerda was full of fucking racists for more than twenty years now).

So my initial plan was to take the fact that revolutions very rarely work out into account and tell the story of what happens afterwards from the POV of various people involved. However, it quickly turned out that the rebellion itself was more interesting than the aftermath, so I amended my original plan and decided to write a series of novellas about the rebellion from the POV of some of the people involved on all level. Mercy Mission is the first of these:

Mercy Mission
Cover Mercy MissionHolly di Marco used to think that joining the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire was a good career move. However, she is beginning to doubt her judgment, for her rebel comrades treat her as nothing but a lowly mercenary, never to be entrusted with anything important.
During a rescue mission to the planet of Caswallon, Holly is given the boring duty to guard some service tunnels, while her fellow rebels get to have all the fun once again. However, this dull job turns out to be a lot more exciting than expected when Holly runs into a traumatised young man and saves him from an Imperial death squad.
The man Holly rescued turns out to be Ethan, Lord Summerton, only survivor of an aristocratic family with rebel sympathies. Saving his life brings Holly to the attention of the elected leaders of the rebellion. It also changes her own life irrevocably, for as they used to say on Old Earth, saving someone’s life means being responsible for him for the rest of your own.

For more information, visit the Mercy Mission page.

By it for the low price of 3.99 USD, EUR or 2.99 GBP at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, Amazon Canada, Amazon Brazil, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Casa del Libro, W.H. Smith, DriveThruFiction, OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks and XinXii.

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