A Handful of Plugs

I’ve plugged my own latest release, so here are plugs for other people’s books and events.

Among the many how-to books about self-publishing out there, Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran is the gold standard. Now the sequel (of sort) Let’s Get Visible is out. Where Let’s Get Digital serves as an introduction to digital self-publishing and focuses on getting your e-books out there, Let’s Get Visible focuses on the next step, namely how to promote and sell them. A lot of the book focuses on the sort of Amazon algorithm voodoo that I don’t much care for and some strategies such as frequent price-changing are flat-out illegal in Germany due to the fixed book price agreement. Nonetheless, Let’s Get Digital and Let’s Get Visible are indispensible resources for every serious self-publisher.

YA writer Elle Casey has organized a massive giveaway of indie books, which ends May 15 at midnight EST. Go here to check it out!

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