New Release: Payback Time

Well, to be honest it’s not such a new release after all. Instead, this is yet another standalone release of two of the crime shorts found in Murder in the Family for those who don’t want the whole collection.

Payback TimePayback Time
You don’t want to owe a favour to the mafia, especially not when the boss himself comes to collect. But what could a simple hairdresser like Joe Martin possibly have to offer to the mob?

A travelling salesman vanishes, leaving behind a wife, two children, countless lonely housewives and his hat floating in a stream. But what really happened to Jack Bryce?


For more information, visit the Payback Time page.

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More formats coming soon.

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One Response to New Release: Payback Time

  1. When you think you have it all figured out, Sellers throws in a new twist. Quick read of a well-written crime novel.

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