The Weltbild Scandal Goes International

Remember Weltbild, the German bookstore chain owned by the Catholic church, which made some waves due to selling erotica and books on occultism, i.e. things the Catholic church does not approve of, in their brick and mortar stores?

Well, it seems that this scandal of sorts now got international attention, because today I noticed a trackback and some hits on this Fifty Shades of Grey related post over at the Cora Buhlert blog. Investigating, I found this post in a Slavic language I do not speak, which turned out to be Croatian. Google Translate revealed that the post was indeed about Weltbild selling erotica, including Fifty Shades of Grey, and that the author was not pleased about this.

Now the Catholic church was planning to sell off Weltbild last year, so the issue may well be moot by now. And a cursory check of the Weltbild website reveals that they are indeed selling Fifty Shades of Grey. But they are discreet about it and Fifty Shades is not plastered all over their homepage, as with many other vendors (Kobo constantly pushes Fifty Shades of Grey at me, though they should know by now that I have zero interest in the books). And if you click on their romance offerings, you see more wholesome fare like Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

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