Pegasus Pulp E-Books are now available at Barnes & Noble… and elsewhere

Yes, it’s really true! Pegasus Pulp e-books are finally available at Barnes & Noble, so all Nook owners can now buy our e-books at their favourite store. Alas, our books are not yet available at the new Nook UK store, but it’s coming (I hope).

Here’s the list of all our books (sans Cartoony Justice, which hasn’t been distributed yet) available at Barnes & Noble. The individual book pages will be updated with Barnes & Noble as well as Casa del Libro and W.H. Smith links in the next few days.

Barnes & Noble is the big announcement of today, but I also have a couple of other new sales channels to announce. For in addition to running their own site, the good folks at Kobo also distribute to several other international e-tailers. As a result, you can now buy Pegasus Pulp e-books at W.H. Smith in the UK, at Chapters Indigo in Canada as well as BLZ and Libris in the Netherlands.

And since our list of retailers is steadily growing, we now have a special Retailer page, which can also be accessed via the menu bar.

And since we love physical bookstores as well (perhaps a little too much, as my groaning shelves attest), Randall Wood has a great idea for the bookstore of the future. Found via The Passive Voice.

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  1. Best of luck with the launch, Cora.

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