Read like a Pirate

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So if ye landlubbers be lookin’ for some piratey reads, we be havin’ what ye be lookin’ for. Cause here at Pegasus Pulp, we be havin’ two piratey tales for sale.

Hostage to Passion be a tale of English pirates – err, patriots – fightin’ the Spaniards for the glory of good Queen Bess. And the bravest and boldest of them pirates be Sir Nicholas Harcourt, who also be known as The Falcon. There also be a beautiful Spanish maiden, Doña Rosaria, who be captured by Sir Nicholas. And swordfights, piratey action and hot an’ sweaty piratey sex. Truly, this tale be havin’ it all.

Our second piratey read be Rites of Passages, a tale of pirates on another planet, a planet with two moons at that. Me shivers to think what that be doin’ to the tides. Rites of Passage be the story of Philon and Arianna, the scions of two pirate dynasties. Philon be lovin’ Arianna, but Arianna, she be lovin’ the sea more. And did I tell ye, matey, that they be havin’ two moons on that planet. Arr.

So what are ye landlubbers waitin’ for? Get yerselves over to the Amazon or the Kobo or them other trading posts. And don’t be forgettin’ to bring yer doubloons, cause we be pirates and not a charity.

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