New Interview with Cora and more on Sockpuppets

I’ve been interviewed for the Sunday Spotlight at Elizabeth Baxter’s blog Small Blonde Hippy, so come on over and say hello. Links to all my interviews are archived at the interview page, by the way.

Meanwhile, the sockpuppeting scandal is not just still going on, but widening. And just to prove that authors are not the only ones leaving malicious one star reviews under pseudonymous names, an employee of the UK bookstore chain Waterstone’s did the same thing to an indie author, after said author left cards promoting his book at the Waterstone’s branch where the employee in question worked. Now leaving unsolicited cards promoting your self-published book at a bookstore is pretty shitty behaviour, particularly when your book is only available at a competitor.
But so is leaving malicious one star reviews under sockpuppet accounts is pretty shitty behaviour as well.

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