Cora cracks the Italian market… and beats George R.R. Martin

Apparently, beating Ireland in the Euro 2012  (2:0 in this case*) makes readers in newer Kindle store countries eager to buy my books, for less than a week after breaking into the Spanish market, I also cracked the Italian market and sold a copy of Courier Duty. I know that this isn’t the first e-book I’ve ever sold in Italy, since I sold at least one book there before the Italian Kindle store opened in December 2011. But this is the first e-book I’ve sold via Now Amazon France is the only Amazon where I have never had a single sale so far.

As is common with the newer Kindle stores, I’ve also cracked the category bestseller list with this lone sale. This time around, I made it up to No. 9 on the English language action and adventure bestseller list at

I even briefly ranked directly above A Game of Thrones. I know it won’t last, but I got a screenshot for bragging rights.

Now I only need to crack Amazon France to have sold at all Kindle stores presently in operation.

*I’m actually sorry that the Republic of Ireland is out of the Euro 2012 so soon, but it’s still notable that I always sell a book in whatever country has just beaten Ireland.

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