Cora cracks the Spanish market

Six months after Amazon opened its Kindle store in Spain and Italy and related territories, I have finally managed to crack the Spanish market, since I just sold a copy of Seraglio at sometime on Thursday night. I guess trouncing Ireland 4:0 at the Euro 2012 tonight (which I’m actually sorry about, because I like Ireland and feel neutral about Spain) has left at least someone in Spain eager for a bit of bedtime reading.

As is common with the smaller Amazons, this lone purchase promptly puts me on the bestseller list for English language historical fiction and for action and adventure as well:

On one of those lists, I’m even sandwiched between Georgette Heyer and Jeffrey Archer, another puts me directly under Bernard Cornwell.

This leaves Amazon France and Italy as the only Kindle stores where I have yet to sell a single copy. I know that I did sell at least one e-book in Italy before the Italian Kindle store opened, but so far I have completely failed to crack the French market. Ah well, it’s only a matter of time.

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4 Responses to Cora cracks the Spanish market

  1. Fun, isn’t it? Congratulations!

    I broke into the French and German markets, in a manner of speaking, during a KDP Select promotion. Alas, that failed to translate into any actual sales after the promotional, so I remain a technical virgin in those markets.

    Anyway, glad of your success and now you have true “International” bragging rights. That’s great, Cora.

    • Cora says:

      Thanks, Doug.

      The e-book market in all continental European countries is still tiny and the growth is slower than in the US. Plus, Amazon has strong local competitors and our books are not in the majority language, so I view any continental European sales as bonus.

      I actually did have a few German sales, but then most of my real life friends and acquaintances are German. And it still took me five months to crack my home market.

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