An Interview and Two Links

First of all, I’m interviewed by Debra L. Martin and David W. Small at Two Ends of the Pen today.

Most e-publishing discussions at the moment seem to focus on the whole US Department of Justice versus Apple and five of the so-called “Big Six” or the EU variation thereof. However, as someone who grew up in a country where book prices are fixed and set by the publisher (which doesn’t seem to be changing even though the EU has apparently jumped onto the “Let’s sue Apple and the big publishers” bandwagon), I really can’t bring myself to care as much as many others.

Still, there have been a couple of interesting links of late:

At the Guardian, Barry Eisler explains why he believes that Amazon is good for readers and writers and manages to take a swipe at Charles Stross in the bargain.

Legendary crime fiction writer Lawrence Block reflects how much writing and the publishing industry have been changed by the advent of easy self-publishing.

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