New Release: “He has come back to me…”

February 29th is a day that only comes every four years. And here at Pegasus Pulp, we celebrate this unique day with the rerelease of two out of print science fiction stories, “He has come back to me…” and Contact Renewed, in a bumper edition. Both stories feature the same characters, albeit at a distance of twenty-five to thirty years.

"He has come back to me..." At the age of five, Steffi saw an UFO landing in the car park of the local bank. Of course, the UFO might just have sprung from the imagination of a lonely child missing her best friend who had recently moved away. But Steffi’s older sister Carrie saw it, too. Or did she?

Now an adult, Steffi is an astronomer working at a facility searching the depth of space for the extraterrestrial life she knows must exist. Because she saw it, when she was five, even if no one wants to believe her. And Carrie saw it, too, even if she never talks about it. But it takes a data readout with far-reaching implication to persuade Steffi that maybe she should talk to her estranged sister again about what happened on that autumn day so many years ago…

A bumper edition of two interlinked science fiction stories about two sisters and their contact with aliens and with each other.

For more information, visit the dedicated “He has come back to me…” page.
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