I’m not a content-creating brand: Two additions to yesterday’s post

I have a couple of additions to yesterday’s post:

First of all, Kristine Kathryn Rusch dissects the Mike Shatzkin post I linked to yesterday.

Interestingly, I had not made the connection between Shatzkin’s “content-creating brands” and indie authors, partly because “content-creating brand” sounds like an insult and partly because Shatzkin linked to a New York Times article about newspapers and news websites such as the Huffington Post publishing e-books culled from their online content. By the way – and I’m probably the only person on the planet who did not know this – the Huffington Post, though big and wealthy, doesn’t even bother to pay its “content-creating brands” for their articles. That’s right, one of the biggest online news/magazine sites, does not pay its writers.

Yesterday, I also linked to J.M. McDermott’s two part post on digital publishing at SF Signal. Now J.M. McDermott has posted a second addendum stating that no, he does not have any bias against publishing. He apparently felt the need to make that second addendum, because in the comments to one of the SF Signal posts he was accused of viewing the traditional publishing system as “the enemy” with a slight jab that his view might be coloured by the fact that he himself “was forced to go the indie route himself”. It’s also very interesting who the source of that comments is.

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