Sunday Indie Publishing Links

Chuck Wendig takes on indie publishing and the trials and tribulations facing the modern day writer. I must say I rather like his term “micro-pub”, though I’ll stick with “indie publishing” for now.

By the way, the first time I heard the term “indie”, then still applied to music, from one of the resident music freaks at my highschool back during the dawn of the grunge era, I asked, “Indie? You mean, as in Indiana Jones?”

Dean Wesley Smith reminds indie publishers to be patient, because success and sales take time. I for one intend to be patient. Besides, I have already sold more copies than I would have expected for the first month. Though poor Shape No. 8 remains stubbornly unsold.

Meanwhile, Damien Walters wonders whether writers will be making a living from writing at all in the future. There’s a bit much doom and gloom there for my tastes

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