The Pegasus Pulp Launch

The Pegasus Pulp launch was a lot more successful than I could have hoped for, because I sold nine books (and made approx. five dollars) on the first day. So far, Rites of Passage seems to be my bestseller.

The amount of attention Pegasus Pulp has been getting on its first day was largely due to Sherwood Smith who plugged Pegasus Pulp on her livejournal. Thanks a lot to Sherwood and to everybody who bought the books.

I also printed up copies of the Pegasus Pulp flyer I designed to distribute at the newleaf Summer Season reading tomorrow.

Finally, Rosario let me know in a comment that the sample she had downloaded for Outlaw Love seemed unusually long for a short story. I downloaded the sample myself and didn’t have any issues. However, when first uploading the e-books I accidentally clicked the wrong category for Outlaw Love and had to go back to edit it, whereupon Amazon promptly put the e-book on review again, so any issues might have been caused by that.

If anybody else notices any formatting issues or typos, please let me know. It is my aim to make Pegasus Pulp e-books look as good as possible, but mistakes happen.

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